Quiet wines

Blue Franconian

This nobel dark red wine is produced in extremely sunny locations of the Bizeljsko-Sremiš district. The fullness of flavour, softnes in the mouth and a rich bouquet variety are the features of the Blue Franconian, which has matured for a year in traditional one thousand litre oak barrels. The content of antioxidants is at the highest level, which is why it shows all the virtues of a beneficial wine that is good and healthy for people.

It should be served at: 15 - 18°C

Cviček PTP

The best grapes that can be picked in the Dolenjske wine region are united in the Mastnak Cviček Wine. Pleasant, soft, fresh with low alcohol content, it beautifully enriches the Slovenian national menu. Due ro a pleasanr freshness and mild acidity and the presence of antioxidants, which is the reflection of red grapes, the wine is particularly recommended to diabetics as well as to all those who wish to give and receive good cheer.

It should be served at: 12 - 14°C

»Prežlahtna je roža, prežlahtno drevo, ki nam je rodilo to vince sladko.«


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